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Defence Life magazine provides important and comprehensive information about Defence lifestyle, transfers to new locations, career progression and eventual transition to civilian life.

The magazine contains up-to-date information on the issues that confront Defence personnel and families: home and family, education & training, career development – and transition to civilian life. DefenceLife is distributed nationally to Defence personnel and families through direct distribution to major Defence bases across Australia and to Defence families.

Now in its 17th year, the publication is the most direct way to reach this lucrative market. Readers of this magazine are within the top 50 per cent of income earners nationally. DefenceLife offers advertisers a ‘Pathway to Defence’ through a cost-effective advertising strategy. Our display advertisements directly target this Defence market.

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The editorial content of DefenceLife covers:

Home & Family

Setting up house and home in a new locality presents many challenges: where to live, coping with moving (often interstate), and fitting in to a new community.

Articles in DefenceLife aim to make this transition easier, with information about new localities including: local and state government sources of information, childcare services, community services, real estate options, and living conditions.


Seeking out and deciding on education and traning institutions is absolutely vital to Defence families ‘finding their feet’ in a new locality. The choices are many and varied, and making the right choices depends on having enough information and options to consider.

DefenceLife presents education and training options in an easy to read format, with advice on where to go for further information on individual circumstances.


Career progression depends upon many factors, and family members need advice that suits their individual needs – now, in the medium term, and in the longer term.

DefenceLife provides information and advice on how to manage two careers: the present one within the ADF, and a new career in ‘civvy street’.

Effective management enables success during a military career leading to a smooth transition to civilian life.


Eventually, soldiers, sailors and airmen/airwomen will leave the Defence Forces to enter the civilian workforce, start their own business, or just kick back in retitement. But a great deal of planning well in advance is needed to make the change a success.

DefenceLife offers advice and referrals as to sources of authoritative information, experts in different fields and generally how to leave with the maximum amount of preparation done.


Planning for the future is important, even moreso, for Defence families.

Regular transfers, living in their own home or a rental houses – leading eventually to a major change on separation from the Defence Force, career changes, etc – means that financial planning needs to be future-based.

DefenceLife gives broad advice as to financial management matters, and the importance of a whole of life approach.

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